Have you ever failed at something so many times that you want to give up? Lawd knows I have.

But then you try one last thing, and it changes everything.

Let this recipe be that turning point for you. It is a bonafide confidence builder. The moment you pop that cap and taste this delicious creation that YOU have made, you’ll be like WHAT! Yeah, I did that!

For this recipe, brew kombucha like you would normally, allowing it to go the full fermentation. You can either brew traditional kombucha with instructions found here – how to make kombucha or brew jun kombucha with the instructions found here – how to make jun kombucha. Nowadays, I tend to be brewing more jun tea. It’s just what I have been craving, and it takes on flavors like crazy. With Jun tea, this recipe is super tart and zings your taste buds, which I love. If you want subtler flavor, try brewing it with traditional kombucha instead. Or try both and see for yourself!

The reason you wait until the bottling stage for flavoring your kombucha is to make sure to keep your momma SCOBY healthy. It thrives on its basic nutrients, so that’s what you want to feed it to keep it thriving. What you do after that is up to you, but you want to separate the processes so you can continue brewing with your culture indefinitely.


For each 16 oz bottle, you’ll need:

  • 4-5 strawberries, chopped
  • 3-5 mint leaves, depending on size
  • Juice from 1 lemon about 2 TBSP
  • A Funnel
  1. Remove the SCOBY from the jar: With clean hands, take the SCOBY and place it in a clean container. Measure out one to two cups of kombucha and add it to the container with the SCOBY. This is the starter for your next brew.
  2. Place your clean 16 oz bottles in the sink.
  3. Wedge the chopped strawberries into each of the bottles, along with the mint and lemon juice (use funnel for lemon juice)
  4. Using a funnel, slowly pour kombucha from the brew jar into the bottles, leaving about one inch of headspace from the top of each bottle. The kombucha may foam up with the puree, so just go slowly and let it settle in between. Leave about 2 cups of kombucha in the jar with the SCOBY for the next brew.
  5. Tightly place the caps on each bottle.
  6. Keep bottles at room temperature for 1-3 days, depending on temperature.
  7. Once per day, you’ll want to “burp” the bottles by removing the cap to allow built-up pressure to escape and place the cap back on. As soon as you put the cap back on, the carbonation will begin to build back up, so no worries about it getting flat. Try not to skip this, or you will have kombucha all over your face and your kitchen when you do go to open it.
  8. When you are happy with the flavor and fizziness of your kombucha, now it’s time to place bottles in the fridge to chill and halt the fermentation.
  9. Enjoy your kombucha by the glass or use it in salad dressings, smoothies, chia seeds, etc.!

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