Jun Kombucha SCOBY – USDA Certified Organic Live Jun Kombucha Starter Culture


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  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC JUN SCOBY – Our cultures are Organic & Kosher, grown in our fully licensed lab. Quality is our priority!
  • BREW WITH CONFIDENCE – Our easy instructions guide you step by step through your first fermentation. If you have questions, we are here and happy to help!
  • MAKES ONE GALLON – You will receive pre-measured strong, mature liquid starter tea packaged with a starter pellicle. This is the perfect amount to start your first gallon of Jun at home. After that, if properly cared for, you can brew for a lifetime!
  • CHAMPAGNE OF KOMBUCHA – Jun tea’s delicate and distinct taste offers a refreshing variation to classic kombucha. Fermented with green tea and honey, Jun is kombucha’s classy cousin.
  • MOST SUSTAINABLE OPTION FOR KOMBUCHA LOVERS – Eliminate the need for single-use bottles and energy involved in store-bought kombucha production. Save money AND help reduce your footprint!

For any questions or concerns, please contact info@fermentaholics.com

In stock

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USDA Organic Jun SCOBY & Starter Tea

Dive into the wonderful world if brewing your own Jun Kombucha! Brewing Jun Tea is not only extremely fun and satisfying, but it is also delicious!

This package will allow you to make Jun Kombucha Tea from the comfort of your own home. It includes a SCOBY Pellicle and enough Jun Kombucha Starter Tea to make a one-gallon batch.

New SCOBY’s will grow with each batch when properly cared for, which will provide you with an endless supply of Jun Kombucha to share with your friends and family.

Quality Control

Once our jun cultures have matured, each is inspected by hand and only cultures that meet strict standards are selected to be rehomed.
They are then placed in thick, tear-resistant 6-millimeter food grade bags and filled with powerful jun kombucha starter tea.
Each packaged is marked with batch numbers and best by date before they are placed in another bag for an extra level of protection, so your new cultures arrives safely.

Safe Trusted Source

We take great care to ensure our jun kombucha starter cultures are safe, consistent, and the highest quality.
Each culture is propagated in our lab controlled environment. The process is closely monitored and documented along the way as our cultures mature. Our process ensures balance, pH, and strength are at the highest standard possible.

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