pH Test Strips


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pH Test Strips

  • Fermentaholics Kombucha & Fermentation pH Test Strips Were Designed By Home Brewers For Home Brewing. Instantly and Accurately Test The pH Of Kombucha, Beer, Wine, Mead, Vinegars, Or Any Other Liquid In The 0 – 6 pH Spectrum.
  • Easy, Instant & Accurate pH Testing – Just Dip A Strip In A Liquid Solution For 1-2 Seconds And Compare The Strip To The Provided Color Chart.
  • 100 pH Tests Sticks – No Need For Any Messy Chemicals, Reagent, Or Calibration Of Strips – Just Dip And Compare.
  • Take The Guess Work Out – Our pH Test Paper Strips Ensure Your Brew Is Fermenting Safely Within The Proper pH Range. The Starting pH for Kombucha Needs To Be At or Below 4.5 pH. Finished Kombucha Has A pH Between 2.5 – 3.5 pH.
  • Elevate Your Brew – Knowing The pH Allows You To Monitor Your Kombucha Brew Progress, To Get Better, Consistent Batches.

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pH Test Strips

Testing your kombucha’s pH is a fun way to get scientific with your kombucha brewing. It can help you produce more consistent results at the pH you like best! When starting the fermentation process, your kombucha should start out at 4.5 pH or lower and can be anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 pH once completed depending on flavor preference. Testing the pH at the beginning of your brew is always a good idea to keep mold and unwanted bacteria out of your brew. Aim to start at 4.5 or below. The Fermentaholics support team is a fellow group of fermentation fanatics. We LOVE to talk about fermentation and help each other learn, grow, and experiment with different techniques and flavors. Reach out to have any of your fermentation questions answered!

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