Sugars and honey are essential ingredients when making kombucha as sugar is the food source for the SCOBY. Our selection includes various options to suit your brewing needs, including organic cane sugar, inverted sugar, and organic honey.

Cane sugar is a traditional and widely used sweetener for kombucha brewing. It is an unrefined sugar that provides a natural source of nutrition for the SCOBY. Invert sugar is a type of sugar that has been broken down into simpler sugars, such as glucose and fructose, which makes it easy for the SCOBY to consume. Honey is a natural sweetener that is used in both Jun kombucha as well as traditional kombucha.

Choose from our organic selections of cane sugar and honey, natural and unrefined, ensuring that your kombucha is healthy and delicious. With our wide selection of kombucha-making sugars and honey, you’ll be able to brew kombucha that suits your taste and preferences.


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