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Organic Kombucha Scobys


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★ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC & KOSHER ★ Our cultures are Organic & Kosher, grown in our fully licensed lab. Quality is our priority!
★ Brew Like a Pro: Easy Instructions & Expert Support ★ Our detailed instructions walk you through every step of making your first gallon of kombucha, from sweet tea to bubbly bliss, including bottling, flavoring, and, most importantly, reusing your SCOBY for endless batches! Need help? We are here and happy to help by phone, email, or chat!
★ 100% Brew Success Guarantee ★ Our kombucha cultures are microbial powerhouses, guaranteed to get your kombucha journey off to a successful fizzy start. So relax, experiment, and get ready to savor the fruits (or berries or herbs…) of your labor!
★ Brew Endless Batches ★ Inside, you’ll find a thriving SCOBY pellicle and 1.5 cups of potent kombucha starter tea – the perfect spark for making your first gallon. After that, when properly cared for, you can brew for a lifetime!
★ More Than Just Kombucha ★ Fun & Learning for All Ages ★ Get creative with new flavoring ideas and brewing techniques. Invite your friends over for a flavoring party or teach your kids a biology lesson. Makes for a great gift for your favorite project-loving friend.
★ Eco-Friendly Brewing ★ The most sustainable option for kombucha lovers. Eliminate the need for single-use bottles and energy involved in store-bought kombucha production. Save money AND help reduce your footprint!

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