How To Pronounce Kombucha 

If you’re like most people, it’s likely the first time you came across the word kombucha you either saw it on a store shelf or read it online. When you read a new word, the pronunciation a lot of times is an educated guess. So if you are here fact-checking your pronunciation, we have you covered. In addtion to the correct pronunciation, we’ve put together a list of the most common mispronunciations. The first time I heard the word kombucha, it was spoken, so I’ll never know how I would have pronouced it my first time around. So how is kombucha pronounced? It’s pronounced kuhm·boo·chuh.How To Pronounce Kombucha

How Do You Pronounce Kombucha – Slowly How To Pronounce Kombucha

Stop Calling It Kambucha

Making kombucha is easy. If you can make sweet tea, you can make kombucha. So how is kombucha made?

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