White Labs WLP002 English Ale Yeast


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  • This yeast is best suited for English style ales including milds, bitters, porters, & English style stouts.
  • This yeast will leave a beer very clear, & will leave some residual sweetness.

    Strain Type: Ale | Flocculation: Very high | Attenuation: 63%-70%
    Temperature Range: 65-68° F (18-20° C) | STA1: Negative | Alcohol Tolerance: 5-10%

Out of stock


    This is a classic ESB strain from one of England’s largest independent breweries. While it is traditionally used for English-style ales including milds, bitters, porters, and stouts, it is also ideal for American-style pale ales and IPAs. Residual sweetness accentuates malt character along with mild fruity esters, adding complexity to the flavor and aroma of finished beers. Slight diacetyl production is common. Due to this strain’s high flocculation, the beer will finish clear and the yeast can easily be harvested from the fermenter for future use. It is common for this yeast to look coagulated.

    Ice Pack Shipping Does Not Always Guarantee Yeast Will Arrive Cold

    Kindly note that selecting an ice pack option does not guarantee that liquid yeast will arrive cold, even when shipped together. The ice packs and insulated mailing options are meant to prolong the coldness of the yeast during shipment, not to ensure it arrives in a cold state. It’s important to note that we cannot replace liquid yeast that arrives warm. We suggest opting for dry yeast in warmer months to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, to avoid leaving the shipment outside, we recommend sending the package to a location where someone will be present at the time of shipment or tracking the shipment to make sure someone is present to receive it.

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