Cheese Cloth Unbleached Grade 90


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  • GRADE 90 CHEESECLOTH – 1 Square Yard – 100% Grade 90 Cheesecloth is a Tightly Woven Fine Mesh. A much higher cut with better quality than lower grades such as Grade 50 or Grade 60. This cheesecloth can be reused and washed as needed, unlike many other substitutes, which are just one-time use.
  • 100% UNBLEACHED COTTON – Our Premium Unbleached natural cotton is selected to meet the highest standard possible. You don’t have to worry about the chlorine leaching from your cheesecloth into your food or skin when using unbleached cheesecloth.
  • DIY CUTTING – The cheesecloth is 1 yard wide long. Whether you need cheese cloth for a spice bag, cheese making, or nut milk, you’re free to make custom cuts according to your size requirements. Minimize waste mother earth will thank you.
  • Superior quality & lint free: We only use pure virgin cotton in our cheesecloth. Shop with confidence; you’ll never receive impure recycled fibers in our cloth.
  • ONE CLOTH – MANY HOUSEHOLD USES – Cheesecloth can be used for many things around the house or commercial uses, including canning, kombucha scoby cover, spice bags, cheese, yogurt, citrus squeezing, fine surface polishing, staining, dusting, cleaning, holiday decorations, vinegar, juicing, straining, tea, flavor packets, poaching, and so much more!

In stock


    CHEESECLOTH – GRADE 90 – 1 Square Yard (3 feet by 3 feet)

    1 square yard of high-quality cheesecloth; the best choice for all of your kitchen needs. Perfect for making cheese, kombucha, flavor packets for soups/broths,  and tea bags. Also great for projects, arts, and DIY crafts! Our cheesecloth is made of 100% nonbleached cotton and is lint-free. Turn any night into an experience with your closest friends and family. Make your own delicious fresh cheese for half the cost of store-bought cheese! Our Grade 90 Cheesecloth has multiple uses, including making Greek yogurt, kombucha, and tofu, bags for spices, herbs, and handmade soaps, basting a turkey, chicken, fish, and other poultry, and cleaning, dusting, and polishing!

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