Temperature Strip & pH Strips Combo


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Temperature and pH Strip Kit

  • Measuring and providing the proper environment for your SCOBY, so that you can make more consistent kombucha.
  • Proper temperature plus proper pH equals a successful brew!
  • Get consistent results from brew to brew and learn to hone in your brewing skills.
  • Ensures Your Kombucha Starting pH and Finished pH is Correct and Safe.
  • Fermentaholics Guaranteed!

In stock


    pH Levels

    Testing the pH at the beginning of your brew is always a good idea to keep mold and unwanted bacteria out of your brew. Aim to start at 4.5 or below. Kombucha can have a pH anywhere from 2.5-3.8 depending on the stage of the brew, so testing it can hone in on you and your family’s personal favorite time to pull.

    Our Mission Is Your Success

    Fermentaholics is a team dedicated to making your homebrewing and home fermenting experience a success. From the moment you place your order, you gain immediate access to our network of fermentation experts here to help you along your journey. No matter your question or concern, we are here to provide the correct guidance and support to help you accomplish your fermentation goals. From batch to batch and brew to brew, we’ve got your back.

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