Swing Style Flip Top Bottle Replacement Caps With Rubber Gasket *12 Pack*


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Flip Top Bottle Replacement Caps

  • ONE DOZEN REPLACEMENT CAPS: You will receive 12 flip top bottle replacement caps with rubber gaskets to replace your worn down and used caps, all made in the USA
  • KEEP USING YOUR BOTTLES: While your flip top caps will wear down and loosen over time and usage, your bottles don’t – save money from purchasing brand new bottles and swap out your old caps with these replacements
  • HOMEBREW LIKE A PRO: These replacement caps will fit perfectly onto your glass Grolsch style or EZ-cap flip top bottles and growlers, and the rubber gasket creates an airtight seal for your homebrews while the metal construction withstands high amounts of pressure, ensuring maximum carbonation and flavor retention for your brews
  • BOTTLE YOUR FAVORITES: Whether you are brewing your favorite beer, wine, hard seltzer, hard kombucha, and more, these swing style replacement caps will make your bottling process easy and effortless, so you can focus on your brew instead of worrying about your equipment
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN: These replacement caps will fit right onto your old bottles as your old, used caps fit before, and the high-quality food grade materials are all easily cleaned and dishwasher safe

In stock



    When do you need to replace your lids? More often then not, you will just need to replace the washer on your lids, which is the part that creates the seal and wears down faster with use. You can buy a bulk pack of washers here. Replace the entire lid if the integrity of the metal construction is compromised or rusted. (Or if you lose one ;D)

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