Store Bought Kombucha Bottle Cap Replacements


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  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE LIDS: Equipped with a polypropylene conical liner to provide a tight seal. You will receive 8 food-grade and dishwasher-safe lids.
  • REUSABLE: These reusable lids are perfect for cold brew beer, ice tea, fermentation, homemade brew coffee, beverages, ciders, chemicals, solvents, and more!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wide-mouth (38mm) design makes cleaning a breeze!
  • HELP DO YOUR PART: By using these usable lids, you help reduce your footprint, no more single-use bottles!
  • BEST SUPPORT & EDUCATION COMMUNITY: The Fermentaholics support team is a fellow group of fermentation fanatics. We LOVE to talk about fermentation and help each other learn, grow, and experiment with different techniques and flavors. Reach out to have any of your fermentation questions answered!

In stock



    If you’ve been saving your store-bought kombucha bottles for your secondary fermentation, then these lids will be the answer to your success in re-using them.

    These lids have a built-in gasket that will form an airtight seal and prevent carbonation from escaping during your secondary fermentation.

    The original lids from your store-bought kombucha aren’t fully airtight causing aerobic fermentation in your secondary when it should be anaerobic. This allows carbonation to escape and can create some funky off-flavors in your kombucha.

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    Weight .2 lbs
    Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

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