Purple Bottle Caps – Oxygen Absorbing – Standard Size – 26 mm – Pry-Off Crown Beer Cap

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Purple Bottle Caps – 26mm

  • Commercial Quality Bottle Caps; Fits all American Beer Bottles.
  • Not for Use With Twist-off Bottles; Easy to Use – Pry Off Crowns Beer Cans – 26mm
  • Can Be Used With Some Import Bottles and Sparkling Wine Bottles.
  • Oxygen Absorbing Caps – Reduces Oxidation and Premature Staling.
  • Increases Shelf Life For Your Home Brewing Needs

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Oxygen Absorbing Bottle Caps

Commercial quality purple beer bottle caps to keep your brew safe and sound from bottling day until you’re ready to enjoy it. You will get a good firm seal that will last through transport, gift-giving, and storage with these green bottle caps. These bottle caps crimp down onto the beer bottle and make a firm seal. They don’t rust or leak and they contain an Oxygen absorbing agent in the liner, which means you won’t get any unwanted oxidation. Good value for a great product.

Fits American Bottles

26 mm diameter caps fit American bottles. Some imported bottles and some sparkling wine bottles use a 29 mm cap instead. We recommend test fitting prior to filling if you’re re-using an imported bottle.

Important to note: It is recommended that you only sanitize as many caps as you’ll require at the time of bottling. The oxygen-absorbing agent is activated when the cap gets wet. If wetted caps are saved for later use, they’ll still function as a normal cap, but the oxygen absorbing agent may be depleted.


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