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  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Our Whole Dried Elderberries Are Non-irradiated, Naturally Grown, Harvested, And Processed To Maintain The Original Health Benefits Of The Plant. Certified Organic And OU Kosher.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Use Dry Elderberries To Make Elderberry Syrup, Infused Vinegar, Teas, Gummies, Mead, Soda, Herbal Tinctures, Kombucha, Kefir, Wine, Pies, Pastries Etc.
  • ANCIENT ROOTS – Elderberries have been used in natural medicine for centuries. Elderberries are higher in flavonoids than blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and blackberries.
  • ELDERBERRY SYRUP RECIPE INCLUDED – Step by step instructions to make delicious elderberry syrup right in your own kitchen are included to help you start enjoying all the benefits of elderberries easily.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Certified Organic and OU Kosher means we adhere to the highest standards for sourcing, packaging, and distributing premium products like these dried elderberries
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Elderberries are the fruit of the Sambucus Nigra, known more commonly as an elderberry plant. These bountiful dark purple berries have been used in natural medicine for centuries.

Dried elderberries have an excellent shelf life and make a great pantry staple ingredient. They are known to have a compound called lectins that can cause gastric unrest by indigestion but is not very resilient. A brief boiling period or even fermentation disarms the lectins and allows for normal digestion to take place.

Elderberries are a common ingredient in winemaking to enhance color and flavor. Can also be used to make infused vinegars, teas, gummies, mead, soda, herbal tinctures, kombucha, kefir, etc.


One of the most popular preparations of elderberries is elderberry syrup. For 16oz of syrup, you need 4oz of dried elderberries.

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7 reviews for Organic Dried Elderberries

  1. Clean. These elderberries were free of stems. They are very aromatic, and flavorful once boiled with spices. Great organic product; very clean.

  2. Super Delicious. Awesome taste

  3. Makes a nice syrup. I followed the recipe on the back for some elderberry syrup. Fun to make!! Easy to store. I want to use it to flavor some salad dressings and possibly teas.

  4. Yep! Exactly what the bag says! Dried elderberries!. We own an organic farm, and we grow these as well! Just our trees aren’t at a mature enough yet stage to produce. It takes several years and our trees are only a couple years old, (less than 3 feet tall) so till ours arrive we can still make Kombucha with elderberries by buying these from FERMENTAHOLICS!Elderberries are (like most wild berries) not as sweet as say raspberries, but they make up for it in nutrients. Our eventual goal is dehydrated powdered smoothie mixes and toppings. These are exactly what I would pick, right off the limbs. They’re just berries. No sugars, no sweeteners, no bs; just berries. They have a recipes on the bag. I recommend those recipes, or for a nutrient burst add these to a regular homemade smoothie. I’m still waiting for my Kombucha to be ready for this bag! My scobies look amazing.

  5. Berries. I haven’t tried to make syrup yet, but the instructions seem clear. I didn’t realize how tart elderberries are on their own, but that’s on me. The tear-off top does open a bit too close to the ziplock seal, so be careful when opening it.

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