One Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar with Muslin Cloth and Rubber Band


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One Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar with Muslin Cover

  • Large One Gallon Size Glass Jar – USDA Certified Food Grade Glass – Dimensions 10″ tall, 4″ wide opening
  • BPA Free Plastic Lid Which Does Not Corrode like metal lids
  • Comes with a 10″ 100% Unbleached Muslin Squares with Rubber Bands
  • This Glass Jar and Breathable Fabric Provide a Healthy Environment For Your Brew
  • One Gallon Glass Jars are Great For Many Uses. Can Be Used For Kombucha Brewing, Scoby Hotel, Sun Tea, Canning, Sauerkraut, Storage, or Pickling. Also Suited For Dry Goods Such as Cereal, Legumes, and Pasta.

Out of stock

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What You Get

A one-gallon glass Kombucha jar, food-safe and perfect for brewing gallon batches of Kombucha – Breathable Muslin cotton Kombucha jar cover cloth for use when brewing, tight enough weave to block insects while allowing airflow – Rubber band for securing your muslin cover – Plastic lid that is great for using to store your brew.

Benefits to Brewing at Home

There are SO many benefits to brewing your own kombucha, just to name a few: Much cheaper than store-bought. Reduces your footprint (no more single-use bottles). TASTES better! So many learning opportunities. The continuous flow of immune-boosting probiotics right in your kitchen. Ability to control the quality of the ingredients in your kombucha. Endless flavor opportunities!

Dedicated to Quality!

We are DEDICATED to producing the highest quality, affordable products. Our highly trained staff is committed to upholding the integrity and putting the customers first.

Best Support & Education Community

The Fermentaholics support team is a fellow group of fermentation fanatics. We LOVE to talk about fermentation and help each other learn, grow, and experiment with different techniques and flavors. Reach out to have any of your fermentation questions answered! By purchasing our products, you are instantly a part of an ever-growing community of fermenters like yourself. Welcome to our fermenting family!

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Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 10.75 in


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