Milk Kefir Starter Culture Powder


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  • Milk Kefir Starter Culture Powder: This milk kefir starter is a grainless powdered culture specifically designed for making milk kefir. It’s used to kick-start the fermentation process, transforming milk into a probiotic-rich, tangy, and creamy beverage.
  • Milk Kefir Made Easy: Making milk kefir is a breeze – simply combine pasteurized whole milk with our Milk Kefir Culture, cover, ferment, and enjoy.
  • Probiotic-rich: The probiotics in Milk Kefir aid in maintaining a healthy gut, promoting smooth digestion and digestive issues.
  • Longevity and Value: With each package, you’ll receive a total of 4 culture packets, each measured to start a 2-quart batch of milk kefir. If desired, you can re-culture from the starting batch for several fermentations to get the most out of your purchase and ensure you have plenty of milk kefir to enjoy and share. Full instructions included!
  • Certified OU-D: Our product is OU Kosher certified, meeting the highest standards of quality and authenticity, making it suitable for dietary adherence.

Versatile Application: This product offers diverse uses beyond a traditional beverage. You can seamlessly integrate kefir into your culinary creations, enhancing everything from recipes to salad dressings with its unique tangy flavor and probiotic goodness.

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    Milk Kefir Starter Culture Powder

    The convenient solution for creating delicious and probiotic-rich kefir at home. Making your own kefir is a breeze with this product. Simply combine whole milk with the Milk Kefir Culture Powder, cover, let it ferment, and within no time, you can enjoy the numerous health benefits of fresh homemade kefir. It’s a cost-effective and nutritious way to support your gut health and indulge in creamy, tangy kefir goodness. Unlock the benefits of probiotics effortlessly while enjoying the versatility of kefir flavors.

    Product Specs:

    • Type: Milk Kefir Starter Culture Powder
    • Ingredients: Carefully formulated kefir culture
    • Usage: Home fermentation
    • Quantity: Multiple batches per pack
    • Certification: OU-D Kosher certified
    • Compatibility: Suitable for Pasteurized Whole Milk (Not Ultra-Pasteurized or UHT)
    • Supplies & Ingredients: Requires a 1 Quart-Sized Glass Jar, Butter Muslin Cloth Cover or Coffee Filter, Rubber Band, Thermometer, and Stainless Steel, Plastic, or Nylon Mesh Strainer.

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