Citric Acid 100 grams – 2 Pack


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  • Non-GMO food grade Citric Acid.
  • Quick and easy way to acidify milk.
  • Perfect for making quick cheeses like 30-minute Mozzarella and Ricottta.
  • 200 grams of citric acid will acidify approximately 30-35 gallons of milk.
  • Food grade citric acid enhances the flavors of meats, vegetables, frozen food, and brewing beer and wine.

In stock

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Our non-GMO food grade Citric Acid is a quick and easy way to acidify milk. It is perfect for making cheeses like Mozzarella but can also be used to enhance the flavor of meat, vegetables, and frozen foods. Citric Acid is also essential for brewing beer and wine, as well as baking bread.


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