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Cheese Wax Brush


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Cheese Wax Brush

  • Natural bristles and a wooden brush handle
  • Ferrule band holds bristles securely together
  • Use to apply melted wax to cheese
  • Also used for glazing donuts, buttering biscuits, and egg wash pastries
  • Hand wash
  • Color may vary

In stock



Our Natural Bristle Cheese Wax Brush has 2″ boar bristles, held together with a ferrule band on a wooden handle. Perfect for applying melted wax to your homemade cheese. These bristles won’t melt while applying the hot, melted wax. The brush can also be used for buttering biscuits and bread, applying seasoning, glazes, oils, and sauces to meats. The boar hair we use to make our pastry and basting brushes hold liquids and oils properly so it spreads more smoothly and evenly. It brushes melted butter and icing on the most delicate pastries and bread without heavy pressure that could tear or crush your food.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in


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