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Cheese Salt 70 grams – 2 Pack


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  • This Salt is ideal for homemade cheesemakers and cheese making kits.
  • This fine grain, flaky salt dissolves easily and is porous compared to traditional processed salt helping absorption and dilution rates.
  • Salt helps prepare cheese for aging and is important in a number of cheesemaking steps.
  • Iodine interferes with microbial activity so whenever fermenting anything–cheese, vegetables, etc, choose non-iodized salt.
  • 2 – 70gram packs of non-iodized Cheese salt.



In stock

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Essential to the Cheese Making Process!

Salt helps prepare cheese for aging and is important in a number of cheesemaking steps: it adds to the flavor of the cheese, it helps to dry the curds during draining by controlling moisture and causing the curds to shrink, it is essential in the development of a good rind and will help to kill bacteria and other harmful growths in brines

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