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    • THE COMPLETE ORGANIC KOMBUCHA KIT INCLUDES – Everything you need to start a 1-gallon batch of kombucha - Kombucha Starter Culture (SCOBY- 12 fl oz of mature starter tea with pellicle), 1-Gallon Brew Jar, Organic Cane Sugar, Tea Blend, Re-usable Cotton Tea Bag, Adhesive Thermometer, pH strips, pipette, Cotton Cloth Cover, Rubber Band, Detailed Instructions and Flavoring Guide!
    • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC & KOSHER – Our kits are certified Organic & OU Kosher including our Classic Kombucha Starter Culture (SCOBY), Organic Cane Sugar and our Original Kombucha Tea Blend.
    • GLASS JAR & BREATHABLE COVER –Glass jars make a great vessel for brewing kombucha. You can watch the visual changes that occur during the fermentation, clean up easy, and write notes in the fun “brewing notes” section printed on our jars. A breathable cover helps provide oxygen for your SCOBY during the primary fermentation while helping to keep bugs out.
    • EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: Our detailed, step-by-step instructions are designed by kombucha brewers to help address any questions you may have during your first brew.
    • OUR MISSION IS YOUR SUCCESS—Our team of fermentation fanatics is just a phone call (or email) away. We have your back and are ready and equipped to help lead to you to success.
  • Kombucha Making Kit Pro Bundle

    • USDA Certified Organic Pro Kombucha Kit includes our complete kombucha starter kit, kombucha bottling kit, and kombucha warmer - everything you need to make kombucha.
    • The Complete Starter Kit Includes: 1 Live Kombucha SCOBY + 1.5 Cups Starter Tea, 1-Gallon Brew Jar, 1 Cup Raw Cane Sugar, Tea Blend, Re-usable Cotton Tea Bag, Adhesive Thermometer, pH strips, Cotton Cloth Cover and Rubber Band
    • EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: Our step by step instructions helps you through the brewing process with ease.
    • BREW WITH CONFIDENCE. Unlimited Customer Service at your side to assist with any brewing questions or concerns you have along the way.
    • GUARANTEED TO BREW 1 GALLON OF KOMBUCHA: We stand behind our product wholeheartedly and want you to have the best brewing experience possible.


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