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    • THE COMPLETE ORGANIC KOMBUCHA KIT INCLUDES – Everything you need to start a 1-gallon batch of kombucha - Kombucha Starter Culture (SCOBY- 12 fl oz of mature starter tea with pellicle), 1-Gallon Brew Jar, Organic Cane Sugar, Tea Blend, Re-usable Cotton Tea Bag, Adhesive Thermometer, pH strips, pipette, Cotton Cloth Cover, Rubber Band, Detailed Instructions and Flavoring Guide!
    • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC & KOSHER – Our kits are certified Organic & OU Kosher including our Classic Kombucha Starter Culture (SCOBY), Organic Cane Sugar and our Original Kombucha Tea Blend.
    • GLASS JAR & BREATHABLE COVER –Glass jars make a great vessel for brewing kombucha. You can watch the visual changes that occur during the fermentation, clean up easy, and write notes in the fun “brewing notes” section printed on our jars. A breathable cover helps provide oxygen for your SCOBY during the primary fermentation while helping to keep bugs out.
    • EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: Our detailed, step-by-step instructions are designed by kombucha brewers to help address any questions you may have during your first brew.
    • OUR MISSION IS YOUR SUCCESS—Our team of fermentation fanatics is just a phone call (or email) away. We have your back and are ready and equipped to help lead to you to success.
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    • DIY FRESH CHEESE MAKING KIT INCLUDES - Vegetable rennet tablets, cheese salt, citric acid, grade 90 cheesecloth, and recipe booklet.
    • EASIN’ INTO CHEESIN’- Recipe book included with step by step instructions and serving suggestions. Most recipes take 30 minutes or less!
    • VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE - Use cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo milk with any of these recipes! Adding herbs and spices allows you to customize and make a variety of delicious cheeses using simple techniques.
    • THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING - Give your friend cheese, they’ll have cheese for a day. Give your friend a cheese kit and they’ll have cheese for a long time.
    • SAVE MONEY AND MAKE MEMORIES - Make your own, delicious fresh cheese for half the cost of store-bought! So much fun for a family night, friend’s dinner night, pizza night, or any occasion!
  • Jarkers - Jar Markers

    • Wet Erase Glass Marker – Write Notes And Details Directly Onto Your Brewing Vessel. Great for Kombucha, Kefir, Beer, Wine, Sauerkraut, And More.
    • NEVER LOSE TRACK OF YOUR BREW AGAIN: Fermentaholics Jarkers make it easy to keep track of your brew and note the start date, ingredients, batch number, and other important details right onto your brewing vessel
    • EASILY WRITE ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: Effortlessly write on glass, paper, wood, metal, fabric, plastic, and ceramic. So, whether you’re making notes on your Kombucha brew jar, decorating your car windows, or marking dates on a whiteboard, Fermentaholics Jarkers get the job done
    • NO MORE LOST DRINKS: With Jarkers, you’ll never lose or misplace your drink again. Jarkers offer a fun and easy solution for guests to mark their cups and glasses so the party can keep going all night without lost drinks. Plus, less wasted drinks equal less dirty cups and glasses to clean up. A win-win for the guests and the hosts!
    • 10 VIBRANT COLORS: Jarkers offer even further customization for you as they come in 10 colors to choose from: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White, Brown, Gold, Silver, and Black
    • SAFE, NON-TOXIC, & EASY TO CLEAN: Every Jarker is manufactured to adhere to the strict ASTM D-4236 safety standards. And even better, the water-based ink means all markings are easily erased with soap and water and the ink is dishwasher safe
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    Fermentaholics Hydrometer for Homebrewed Beer, Wine, and More

    • The Hydrometer Combo Kit for All Homebrewers with everything you need for your homebrewing success
    • Comes complete with a triple scale hydrometer, glass test jar, cleaning brush, detailed instructions, and more
    • Accurate and easy to read, the triple scale hydrometer will help ensure you get your brew exactly where you want it and in whatever measurement you prefer
    • Use this to get the same consistent brew every time or experiment with different variations and monitor the effects – find your favorite brew!
    • Brew beer, cider, table wine, dessert wine, and so much more using this essential hydrometer test kit for homebrewers
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    Silicone Fermentation Air Lock Stretch Lids

    • PATENT PENDING FERMENTATION STRETCH LIDS - Just one single piece, each silicone stretch airlock lid immediately turns any wide mouth mason jar into a vegetable fermenter; no pesky bands, rings, water, or maintenance needed!
    • SET IT AND FORGET IT - Our self-burping silicone fermentation stretch lids are designed to grip the top of any standard-sized wide mouth mason jar creating an air-tight seal. Simultaneously, each lid is equipped with a one-way pressure release valve; this waterless airlock allows built-up carbon dioxide gas to escape during fermentation without allowing oxygen into your fermenter, protecting your batch from outside contaminants.
    • HOMEMADE PROBIOTIC-RICH FOOD MADE EASY: Fermentation stretch lids are perfect for all DIY fermentation needs. Make your own pickles, sauerkraut, ginger, pickled eggs, kimchi, vinegar, hot sauce & more. Get creative and create your own fermented vegetable blend from cucumbers to carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, garlic & more. Natural, economic probiotics made simple. What will you make?
    • NO HASSLE FOOLPROOF FERMENTATION: Fermenting veggies shouldn't be tricky, and neither should the equipment being used. All you need to ferment veggies is a single item - a fermentation silicone stretch lid—no need to tinker around with crazy contraptions, gadgets, hand pumps, rings, bands, accessories, or water. Just place the on your jar and wait.
    • Our fermentation stretch lids are made from the highest quality silicone - strong, durable, and reusable. They are BPA-free, contain no phthalates, and are easy to clean. Perfect for use with all small batch fermentation and pickling needs.
  • Pipette - Sample & Test Ferments

    • Homebrewing essential
    • Transfer and test all the liquids of your homebrews to ensure the proper pH range and flavor
    • Easy to read markings for 1, 2, and 3 ml measurements
    • Durable, strong plastic
    • Easily cleaned in between uses
  • Red Star Premier Blanc Wine Yeast

    • High-performance yeast specifically formulated for sparkling wine and champagne.
    • Able to ferment to dryness, producing a wine with high alcohol content.
    • Alcohol tolerance up to 17%.
    • Fermentation range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, suitable for various fermentation conditions.
    • Recommended for dry white wines, champagne, hard seltzers, dry ciders, hard kombucha, and various other dry fermented beverages with high alcohol content.
    • Recommended for sparkling wines processed by traditional or Charmat methods.
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    Liquid Microbial Rennet

    • Great vegetarian source of coagulant
    • Liquid form makes it easy to get exact amounts needed no matter how large or small the batch
    • Easily make your own mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar, gouda, paneer, etc at home!
    • Conveniently stored at room temperature
    • Make as many or as few pounds of cheese as you'd like
  • Muslin Grain Steeping Bag

    • 5" x 28" - used for steeping grains in home brewing
    • Permeable muslin that lets the full flavor of your grains out
    • Never have to strain your wort again
  • K1-V1116 Lalvin Active Freeze-Dried Wine Yeast

    • Alcohol tolerance up to 18% ABV
    • Dry whites, aged reds, and late harvest wines
    • One of the most floral ester-producing yeasts
  • Fermentaholics Hydrometer for Homebrewed Beer, Wine, and More

    • Triple Scale Hydrometer for measuring alcohol percentage
    • Three measurement scales make it easier to brew your way
    • Use to help you brew wine, beer, dessert wine, hard kombucha, cider, and more!
    • Comes with a triple scale hydrometer, a step-by-step direction guide on how to do gravity readings and use your hydrometer, and a conversion table
    • Conversion table helps you understand all three scales: Specific Gravity of liquids, BRIX (sugar content) and Potential Alcohol
  • Fermfast 48 Hour Turbo Yeast 243 Gram

    • Ferment sugar up to 20% ABV in 5 - 7 days
    • Ferment sugar up to 14.5% ABV in 48 hours
    • Produce a premium quality alcohol wash/base
  • EC-1118 Lalvin Active Freeze-Dried Wine Yeast

    • The original 'prise de mousse'
    • Strong competitive character
    • Ability to ferment at low temperature
    • Good flocculation and excellent alcohol tolerance
    • 1-1/4 inch width
    • Minimizes contact between the hydrometer & jar wall
    • Compact for easy sampling
    • Designed for use with standard hydrometers
    • Made in the USA
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride

    • An essential ingredient for making high-quality cheese at home.
    • Get a higher yield out of milk.
    • Improves the texture and flavor of hard and soft cheeses.
    • Conveniently store at room temperature.
    • Helps to firm and strengthen the curds during the cheesemaking process.
    • No matter how large or small the batch, the liquid form makes it easy to measure the exact amounts needed.
    • Suitable for making hard cheeses such as cheddar, gouda, etc., at home!

    • High ester-production lets the full flavor of fruit come through
    • Ideal for all types of cider
    • Creates ciders up to 12% ABV
    • Ferments between 54-80 degrees Fahrenheit (ideal range is 61-75)
  • Lalvin ICV D-47 Wine Yeast 5 g

    • Low-foaming quick fermenter
    • Tolerates fermentation temperatures ranging from 59° to 68°F
    • Recommended for white varieties such as Chardonnay and rosé wines
  • Czech Bohemian Pilsner Malt

    • Lovibond 2
    • Standard base for producing lager and pilsner style beers.
    • Good for a lighter style beer.
  • Fermentis SafCider Cider Yeast

    • For all types of cider
    • Works at low pH from 2.9
    • Excellent settlement strength
    • Yield sugar/ alcohol: 16.3 g/L for 1% alc./vol.
  • Rice Hulls 1 lb Bag

    • Easy to use
    • Particularly effective when brewing high gravity beers with a big grist
    • Helps to keep grains flowing when lautering the mash


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