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    Essentials Kefir Brewing Kit - Dehydrated Water Kefir

    • Includes: Dehydrated Water Kefir Starter Grains, 1-Quart Wide Mouth Mason Jar, Breathable Cover, Rubber Band, Pipette, Adhesive Temperature Strip, Jar Marker, pH Test Strips, and Mesh Strainer.
    • The most sustainable option for Kefir lovers. Eliminate the need for single-use bottles and store-bought kefir.
    • Start Brewing with confidence. Our easy instructions guide you step by step through your first fermentation. If you have questions, we are here and happy to help!
    • Once you have brewed your tangy water kefir, the flavoring options are endless! Drink it flat as is, or add pineapples and rose hips, ginger, and lemon, lavender and honey - find your new favorite!
    • Our water kefir starter grains are all certified Organic & Kosher, grown and cared for in our fully licensed lab. They are continuously brewed with and tended to, ensuring the most powerful and active culture for you to make your fresh water kefir at home.
  • Mesh Strainer

    • WHITE PLASTIC MESH STRAINER: This white plastic mesh strainer is essential for every home and kitchen. The strainers are 3.5” wide and are 7.5” in length
    • PERFECT FOR HOMEBREWING KEFIR: No more messes in between batches as you strain off your water kefir grains to brew fresh water kefir, this strainer fits perfectly on top of a wide mouth mason jar to catch each and every grain, ensuring a strong culture from brew to brew
    • CONVENIENT DESIGN: The mesh strainer comes with a sturdy and easy-to-grip handle that makes transferring whatever contents and ingredients you have easy and effortless, and the mesh netting is collapsible to make storing and organizing simple. Plus, the hooked lips allow you to balance the strainer on the edges of counters or lids when needed
    • MANY DIFFERENT USES: While this is the perfect tool for all those brewing delicious and tangy water kefir at home, the uses don’t end there: use the strainer to separate loose-leaf tea when brewing, strain off seeds and pulp when juicing fresh fruit, and many other straining needs
    • PREMIUM MATERIALS: The hard white plastic of the mesh strainer is durable and easily cleaned, making it easier to spend more time focusing on your homebrews and less time worrying about cleaning and maintenance
  • Fermentaholics ORGANIC Water Kefir Grains

    Special – This Item Ships Free To Lower 48
    • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC DEHYDRATED KEFIR GRAINS - Our Cultures Are Organic & Kosher, Grown In Our Fully Licensed Lab. Quality Is Our Priority!
    • BREW WITH CONFIDENCE - Our Easy Instructions Guide You Step By Step Through Your First Fermentation. If You Have Questions, We Are Here And Happy To Help!
    • EASY TO REHYDRATE - Our Water Kefir Grains Are Dehydrated With Care, Ensuring Microbial Preservation, And Making Rehydration A Quick And Successful Process.
    • MAKES A FULL QUART - You Will Receive 10 Grams Of Strong Starter Grains. This Is The Perfect Amount To Start You First Quart Of Kefir At Home. After That, If Properly Cared For, You Can Brew For A Lifetime!
    • CREATE, LEARN, GROW - Get Creative With New Flavoring Ideas And Brewing Techniques. Invite Your Friends Over For A Flavoring Party Or Teach Your Kids A Lesson In Biology. Makes For A Great Reusable Gift For Your Favorite Project Loving Friend.


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