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    • HOME FOR YOUR SCOBY: Includes printed 1-gallon glass jar with brew notes, muslin cloth cover, rubber band, and adhesive thermometer.
    • MADE OF AMERICAN GLASS: Manufactured & Printed in the US. Glass is an ideal material for kombucha, easy to clean & non-porous. Plus you get to watch your SCOBY grow!
    • KNOW YOUR BREW: Easily keep track of what you used for each brew using the "Brew Notes" printed right on the jar. Ideal temperature ranges are also printed on the glass for easy reference.
    • ONE GALLON VESSEL: One gallon brews are the most common for home brewers. Easily fits in a cabinet or pantry. Makes 6-7 16 oz bottles of kombucha every 1-2 weeks.
    • EXPERIMENT: Play with different teas, sugars, and amount of starter tea & keep track of what you're using--don't forget to write what you used on the brew notes so you remember.

    • Ferment small batches
    • Store excess kombucha
    • Yeast experimentation
    • Made out of glass
    • Perfect for storing and aging


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