Fermentaholics Proof & Tralle

  • PROOF AND TRALLE - You will receive one glass Proof & Tralle double scale alcoholmeter (11” long) enclosed in its protective travel case
  • EASY-TO-READ MEASUREMENTS - The Proof & Tralle comes with the two measurements: Proof, which ranges from 0-200, and Tralle, which ranges from 0-100. The custom printed scale is clear and legible, ensuring consistently accurate readings
  • MANY DIFFERENT USES – The Proof & Tralle is an essential tool for testing spirits, high alcohol liquor, corn whiskey, moonshine, and other home distilled beverages with high alcohol content, which means it may not be accurate for low alcohol content liquids like beer and wine
  • MEASURE DISTILLED LIQUIDS – When using the Proof & Tralle, make sure there is zero sugar remaining in your liquid, so it is completely distilled. This will ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of your readings
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND GUARANTEE – The Proof & Tralle is made of high-quality handblown glass and is easily cleaned. With proper maintenance, it will last through as many brews as you’ll need, delivering precise readings and subsequently delicious results every time